• Alex

    It depends on perspective. I say that because some people either wanna forget the past or flat out run from them. In that case you can say that it is indeed far away. Most are not like that though the embrace their past even learn from them. That is the way It should be.

  • esgyll

    Whatever we do, the past will always catch up with us. Now, how to respond, adapt, feel about, etc. when it does happen will depend on the person’s capabilities to either weather it out while stubbornly denying its existence, let it dictate his or her actions, or simply go with the flow.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    You cannot hide or runaway from your past. How you now handle your past makes it to be described as far or near. I love the photo output. Thanks for posting.

  • Mark Janeo

    The past will consistently get up to speed with us. How you currently handle your past makes it to be depicted as far or close. Amazing shot!

  • iamdahmmy

    One thing I love about the the picture is how the light in the sky is captured..it adds real beauty to the photograph

  • Wilson Jake

    You are right Tom, you always remember the past like its yesterday. We should just try live a better days now to have better memory

  • moondebi

    What a nice horizon… the picture is just awesome. Past is the foundation stone of the future. Sometime the memory is good and at times it may not be so.

  • Prince

    The past is never far, it’s always remembered like yesterday. People even feel the hurt brought like it’s a fresh cut. We should always try letting go of our past

  • Danielle M

    I agree, present past and future are conected and related to eachother. Better to give our best in the present so when past get closer it can bring good things instead of pain and worryness.

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