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As I’m wont to do every day, I ran one of my typical morning threads on Twitter. Typically, they are of the #writerslift variety. My hope with these sorts of threads is to promote a wide range of authors, bloggers, creatives, and other content creators. I’ve met so many amazing and incredible talents in the past decade on my favorite social network. But, no one has inspired me the way that writer, photographer, and web designer extraordinaire Tom Slatin has.

There was no way I could’ve known from following that link in response to my writer’s lift that day who I would end up meeting. I’ve never met a more natural writer, someone who was simply born for the craft. To top it off, he’s as brilliant a photographer. Never mind the fact that he is also a web designer extraordinaire. This man has done it all in the online content creation world!

To think, this wonderful man just happened to stumble upon little Amelia’s writer’s lift one day. Honestly, when I read “A Little Ghost for the Offering” I was blown away. I mean, there are so many talented writers on the internet. But, something struck me as different about this guy. I read it multiple times, trying to figure out just how and why I was so taken by it.

The same sort of feeling came over me through Tom’s photography. There is a certain depth and timelessness to each photo he posts on his site. I mean, it’s not surprising that his photos are so breathtaking, considering he’s literally a self-taught master photographer. But, a writer who can tell a story equally well with a photograph is a fairly rare combo.

Of course, to complete the trifecta of amazing, Tom Slatin is also quite a web designer as I mentioned before. His site is one of the most solid I’ve ever seen. He knows the SEO game better than anyone I know and how to build a spectacular content portfolio! I aspire to become even half the website builder he is!

I’m seriously not overstating my admiration of this man. It’s in fact my completely honest and professional opinion, in my decade plus in the content marketing field, that Tom Slatin is most certainly life goals. I’m more than happy to give my full and undivided attention to anything that Mr. Slatin has to teach me.

I’m so grateful that Tom has been so kind and helpful to me in my most recent blogging journey. While I’ve been around the internet since 1997, blogging on and off since 2003, and on social media since 2004, my most recent profiles and sites are very new. There are various reasons for that, but I’m so blessed to have met a man like Tom who’s given me a lot of help in helping me to recognize my true talents and how they can best be put to use.

If I’ve learned anything from Tom Slatin, it’s that if you have a talent for creation, use it, refine it, and bring it out to the world however you can. You never know who will read your work, see your artwork, behold your crafts, hear your music, or otherwise consume your content. Just by being out there being your best creative self, you can change and even save lives.

Let’s all thank Mr. Tom Slatin by visiting and perusing his website If you ever have writing, photography, or web design needs, he comes highly recommended by the Phoenix Desertsong!

~ Phoenix <3

DISCLAIMER: The Phoenix Desertsong may have been compensated for the creation of this content. However, all opinions are the absolute true honest statements from the author and were not influenced by any sort of monetary or influential reward.

15 thoughts on “The Poetic Nonfiction And Photography (Plus Web Design) Of Tom Slatin

  1. It must be really nice if there is someone who really appreciates your work. All feelings are expressed sincerely in this short article.

  2. Thank you so much for inspiring people. Many people are just shy to show what their real talents are. I am really happy that you are trying to push out of their comfort zone.

  3. I’m just wondering when someone will write something good about me too :). Yes, I think I should learn a lot from you too… a humble person.

  4. I support this talk that If I’ve learned anything from Tom Slatin, it’s that if you have a talent for creation, use it, refine it, and bring it out to the world however you can. You never know who will read your work, see your artwork, behold your crafts, hear your music etc. I love this writeup.

  5. Tom slating is a genius, that I have known since I came across his page. I am never cought unaware with his rich poetic nonfiction and photographic skills. I love all is works

  6. How nice to hear these words so true Tom, you are a source of inspiration for this young man and for the people who follow your page, I am happy to meet people who motivate us to be different.

  7. I do not know about web design but this is a very good shot it can even be a mobile or PC wall paper. Photography is a strong suit of yours.

  8. It is really hard to find both a writer and a photographer, not to mention a web designer all at the same time, and who could do very wonderfully in all fields. Such talents all in one person are quite rare. You are very lucky to have them all Mr. Slatin!

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