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September 21, 1994

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

New computer plus exotic auxiliaries delayed because of keyboard availability (temporary lack of).  When installed, you will be the first recipient of late-breaking news.

“Inky” Hive will be the second.

The enclosed clipping caught my eye because of the subject’s name.  You will note that in the text he is called John T. Herzog.  In the photo caption he is Jeff Herzog.

Too bad the Real John Herzog can’t share this.  But he won’t be forgotten.

I read the article carefully to see if The Bee’s heads-up proofreader covered himself with further glory, maybe invoking “Francois Herzog” or “Epifanio Herzog” or equally creative names.  No luck.

If “Inky” learns about this proofreader’s casual attitude, heads will roll.  (Correction: “heads will role.”)

I don’t want to be rear the newsroom when that happens.

Meanwhile, write to the company to learn the chief financial officer’s real name, and by return mail receive the Eskimo Pie of your choice.

Send no money.

Best to Anne and Thomas.  (Worst to Bergleitner.)

Fred C. (“Igloo”) Dobbs


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