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The Rustic Barn

December 2017

23 responses to “The Rustic Barn”

  1. The black and white photos signifies too that the hut that is made is very old to live. It seems to me like a small food place in the forest that may be there in the past.

  2. The black & white is bad in this case. For one it just makes the shot and the subject LIFELESS. Not to mention I cannot see much. Sorry but got to ne honest here.

  3. Black and white with nature works well together. Lovely picture and this really looks abandoned.

  4. That barn for sure looks rustic. Looks creepy, dangerous and horrifying. Was that the intention Thomas?

  5. Barn looking so creepy like where it can’t be ever use. But you did well with the shot. It’s just fine

  6. For me it would be the house of terror because it is very horrible for my tastes, unfortunately, it is very neglected.

  7. Meant to say legendary photo as always! Confused my words a bit. The lighting and camera focus is great.

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