HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

February 23, 1994
Hey, they’re, Udo!—-


Happy to hear that The Slatin Family is O.K. Long gaps between letters, especially in the weather you’ve been having, imply car accidents, collapsed roofs, frostbite, starvation and other side effects. The disasters in California haven’t been in our area, but our in-laws in Malibu lost their house, and friends near the epicenter in Northridge had to vacate, and their dishes, furniture, etc. were total losses. This is Nature’s way of saying “thanks.” Snow is better. (Honest.)

When (you ask) will Dobbs leave Tampico? ‘Shoiman Shoiman reappear? Pete Rizzo be paroled? Other burning questions. The answers await my updated computer system, to be provided by my guru stepson. It seems that the longer he works as a consultant, the longer the hours and weeks get, interfering with his good intentions. My problem is that with my water-powered computer and windmill-driven printer, getting out a copy of The valley Voice takes twenty times as long as it should. I use an “imported” font that the computer and the printer take too long to process. For example: the front page alone takes about ten minutes just to print. The other pages each take five minutes or more. That could be tolerated except the formatting also takes a dozen times longer than it should. He tells me that with the “cutting edge” system I will eventually get, the formatting and printing times will be too quick for the human eye, Einsteinian in concept and execution. So we must await news of the delivery of Weetabix to Lady Occipita, Sir Charles’ return from Palenville, and the outcome of the lawsuit against Mrs. Concetta Rizzo. (To say nothing of the emotional condition of “Inky” Hive, now that the rains are almost normal, and The Bee allows Sacramentans to drink a glass of water every day, and shower once a month.) Lukenbill is still not behind bars, as far as I know.

I told Art Gurney that I asked you to give Art Covert his address. No response so far, but Gurney is a slow correspondent because of his eye condition.

With the revival of the Stamford newspaper, George C. Bergleitner can attack you again in the letters column, thereby re-opening the Free Exchange of Ideas that has made Stamford the Athens of upstate New York. Sneer him down relentlessly.

You must spend four hours a day (round trips) driving Thomas. If Cooperstown has a better school, it’s worth it. You should get a Dedicated Parents Award.

Regards to Anne and Thomas (forget Bergleitner).

F(red) C. D(obbs)

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