If life were but a tree
the world would finally be as one.
Past generations leave their legendary mark among the branches;
leaves as people, branches united and known to everyone.
Bark surrounds their tiny world;
respected and cherished by everyone.
Eventually, people would die and fall away;
their proud existence known to everyone.

10 thoughts on “The Tree Of Life

  1. The end of all humans is to die one day but the most important is for one to die proudly and leaving a legacy to be remember for.

  2. I am a writer but not a poet. I do not know, but I am not good at rhymes. At least the traditional ones.

  3. Quote well put together. Life is for the humans and the living we must always make the best of it and live well too.

  4. What a beautiful way to descrive something that I consider real, the fact that we all are just one and part of the same thing and the same story, at the end.

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