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The Truth About Blogs

  • November 12, 2008

I read recently that a 14 year-old started a blog then sold it for $90,000. Obviously the blog was worth something to somebody, considering the amount of money it drew.

The thing about blogs is that in my opinion, every writer should have one. Blogs by their own very nature allow a writer an unprecedented possibility and potential for worldwide exposure. Gone are the days of writing getting distributed on paper (though it’s still popular, it’s slowly fading), these days it’s all about instant communication and retrieval through electronic means.

By the way, I would never sell my blog to anybody regardless of what they offered me. My blog, like my writing, represents a piece of me. That being said, not all of my writing exists on my blog. Not hardly. A good writer always has something under wraps, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to set it free.

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