HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

March 13, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

This is to announce that we will be on a trip during the last of this month. We will go to Tucson to see old friends, stopping on the way to gamble in Reno and Laughlin.

The Valley Voice will be postponed until our return. It would have been published by now except No. 1 Stepson’s new private business has consumed our time, getting the promotional literature organized. It is now being printed. In a month, orders should be blizzarding Sacramento. He owes it all to us.

The time has come for you to step forward! Cuomo–as expected–retreated shyly, blaming it on lack of goombazia. The rest of the Democrats are not major leaguers, with the possible exception of Tsongas. The Republicans have allowed Buchanan to turn their campaign into adolescent name-calling.

That leaves you!

The Little People’s Party can take the election in November whether or not you enter a single primary!

You are the most qualified candidate: eminent scientist (who knows more about buffer solutions?); successful businessman (Udobbs Press, Ten-Speed Wheelchairs, Udo & Dobbs Railroad, etc.); internationally experienced (trading wheelchairs with the Russians); established writer published by Udobbs Press; lover of animals (Cleo); hater of those who earned it (Bergleitner).

Make a cassette of yourself playing your concertina with new A reeds while you sing patriotic songs! Include the gang at Osterhout’s Tavern, and the whittlers! Send it to TV stations!

Do not hire political consultants!

Continue your policy of no contributions over five cents!

Nobody on any ticket has a stronger background.

As soon as you give the word, I’ll get the California campaign rolling! (How about recording “California, Here I Come!”?)

Looking forward to seeing you on TV!

Regards to Anne and Thomas and the Stamford Stalwarts!

Fred C. (“Vote L.P.P.!”) Dobbs

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