HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

January 28, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Latest edition of The Valley Voice enclosed. Delayed by Forces Beyond My Control, family activities and the new business my ho, l Stepson is starting. Mary and I are working up mailouts to get customers. The contents keep changing because the manufacturer–also just kicking off–keeps revising product categories as suggested by investors. Is the end in sight? The end is never in sight.

I can answer one question in your last letter (about your computer), but others must be left dangling until No. l Stepson can corner the overloaded gurus who have the necessary hands-on experience. The available answer is this; Autocad uses a lot of space, so a 486 would probably have been a better choice than a 396, but it will still work. (You accidentally created confusion by making what may have been a “global replacement“ that put “megaHertz” in sentences at baffling places.)  If you kept a copy of the Jan 2 letter, you’ll see what I mean.) Anyhow when No. 1 Stepson corners haggard gurus, the prices you paid will be evaluated. You will he advised as to whether or not you were taken. Until then, send no money.

No. 1 Stepson is about to be named project Director, which he hadn’t expected, but he’s not fighting it, The reason is that he’s the only guru out there who has project—level and management experience. He Just wanted to be a grunt at a console, and now he is having glory thrust upon him, On the other hand, he will have access to more gurus who can answer your questions. Be patient, and The Network will bring answers to your mailbox (or modem; whichever comes first).

LUKENBILL PHOTOS: The Bee has played down Luhenbill lately so occasional small pieces about him do not carry his picture Th also economize by using the same photo time after time. as You commented. The money they save goes into The Stile Manuel.

No trip to Tahoe this year. We decided that getting caught in unpredicted blizzards on banner Pass is not the fun it used t be. Sevent five percent of those who went were relied by a flu virus that left them bedridden for a week. We lucked out.

Your new letterhead is the envy of all Sacramento. Don’t change it. “YEWDO LETTARHEDD DRAWERS PRAYS,” said a headline in The Bee. That’s real fans in The Big Tomato.

Regards to Anne and Thomas, but not Bergleitner.

Fred C. “Flu-Less”) Dobbs

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