Areas of interest and specialization: Landscape, Animals and Nature, Locomotive Photography and Urban Exploration

Thomas W.P. Slatin “technically” began his career in photography at the age of eight, when his father gifted him his first film camera (of many!), which accepted 100 or 400 ISO film and had a manual flash.

Today, he is an established photographer, social media influencer, as well as a writer and designer of highly customized web sites.

Thomas resides in Upstate New York with his fiancée Angie Conklin and their furry family member, Pickles. He is the son of Anne Pratt Slatin and the late Dr. Harvey L. Slatin.

To contact Thomas directly, email He is always open to freelance photography assignments with creative agencies, real estate developers and the media.

From the office of
Photographer Thomas Slatin

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