The Virtual Me

We’re so far away,
but I am here to stay.
It’s the virtual me.
We’re always on-line
at just the right time.
We sit and we chat;
typed messages lacking emotion
travel this way and that.
We shall never call or meet,
send only E-Mail from our seats.
How I long to kiss your lips
and feel your touch.
I cannot.
It’s the virtual me;
I don’t support that much.


  • AMAN

    It’s really depicts about the social media’s virtual world. This poem really makes me feel the difference of the virtual world of social media and the real world happenings.

  • maureen

    I like the virtual me more. it seems I socialize better. just like you I’m always online doing this or that. I love it here too.

  • Alex

    I guess this is us on the digital age. We have to be careful though. For one cyberspace can be cruel, what we do or say stays forever. It can be both destructive and creative depending on who is using it.

  • Wilson Jake

    As easy as virtual is, so many physical missing my dear. This time, is the physical touching that matters alot, so many things missed.

  • Prince

    I have always loved the virtual me but this long one has really eaten my mulla, I prefer the physical. I really wanna look deep into her eyes and see through it

  • Clarissa

    A long-distance relationship is hard, technology does the relationship. Without it, no communication with loved ones from afar.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Poems I have read and seen never brought out meaning to technology. Whaooo, I love this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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