Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

September 20, 1987

Dear Anne,

It appears that next Saturday is the walkabout. So far I haven’t seen any list of houses. I have the impression that the people who run this sort of thing in the Stockade now, are not very bright or maybe they are young Republicans who distrust the press, or both. Anyhow their big events don’t get much advance publicity. It has frequently rained for walkabout day, rarely on art show day. This years Art Show was a glareing exception or rather a non-glareing exception. At any rate it will be there if you are intrested.

It has gotten cold as well as rainy the last few days, and as I note the date I remember that I slipped on the unshoveled street last November and that was not after the first snow but after several storms.

I enclose a clipping from the Gazette which may interest you. I thought I had a lot more to say to you and still more for Harvey. I’ll look at this again in the morning.

Yesterday I decided contemplating all the beef juices I had accumulated, to invent Carrot Soup. As a first step I placed a pound of sliced carrots on the stove to boil slowly. In a housewifely fashion I then decided to go to the market and the library. Stepping outside the house I encountered two gentlemen who were interested in the widow’s house next door. They were students of architectural history and quite indignant that all the scrap had been carted away. Seeing as all of the house except the brick facade is being replaced there was much room for indignation. They identified themselves and when I gave them my name, one said are you the Arthur Covert who lived on Settles Hill and owned the best Dutch Barn on the hill. The point of all this is it is a small world. When I finished my errands the carrots were burned and I am still trying to clean the pot.


Dear Doctor,

For you I have enclosed a membership application which I found on the floor somewhere. In your case I recommend the family membership. Then Anne can study for the examination for Ladyship, I believe it deals with the proper place of the pinky with relation to the cup of mead.

It occurs to me that if I was not so lazy, I would go to the GE scrap yard and get a heap of aluminum splashes. Then in the dark of night heap them on Lawrences pedestal, leaving a note saying “Sorry about that” signed “Your Friendly Neighborhood Electroplater”. But only I would know what the joke was.

I don’t know if I told you that I had downloaded a communication program called PROCOMM which worked until you attempted to log or download. All the rest of it worked so nicely that I want something as good for the ATARI.


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