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The World Today


I gaze into the endless field of grass.
At tall mountains
covered with green lush trees.
I see rivers, ponds, and fields
all within my back yard
waiting for me to explore.
Alas, I cannot.
They’re building a freeway
right through my yard.

13 responses to “The World Today”

  1. Beautiful poem, I had the same feeling about an old park where I used to walk my dog, it was a solitary and charming place but now it got exposed to the noise because they started to build a high way right in front of it a while ago.

  2. The poem sounds very true. I have a park beside my home where I used to play cricket, but after the highway and the buildings are made there, I cannot play. All fields are being replaced by the houses and roads, where I used to roam in my teenage.

  3. Nice peom about the world we live in, inwhich is full of discoveries and exploration. I like adventure to really see what they world have got to offer.

  4. The world belongs ultimately to nature. The world does not need us but we need the world. We truly need to take good care of it. This is what this poem means to me.

  5. We cant explore as we wanted to this time because of this deadly virus out there. I just wish all can come back to normal. God help us

  6. I’d still choose to live in an endless field of grass than in the polluted city. Fresh air still the best

  7. I really wish no obstruction, feel free and explore the nature we once enjoyed. That day will come again, just dint know when

  8. Great closing segment. Sadly, many of our most enchanted surroundings are subject to construction and degradation. We must capture natural beauty when we see it with the utmost sincerity because it could very well be the last time.

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