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Things Are A Little Squirrely Up Here

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34 responses to “Things Are A Little Squirrely Up Here”

  1. Your photography job goes beyond just capturing alone. This is a well captured photo from the perfect angle.

  2. I love the black and white effect, makes the animal look really curious. Lovely output, I love it

  3. You have a knack for the best nature shots. This one right here sure is no exception.

  4. You got a good vantage position for this shot. It can’t have been easy to pull off.

  5. I love how the background is slightly blurred to bring more focus to the foreground. This is groundbreaking photography!

  6. This shot is simply amazing. It is indistinguishable from a photo you’d see in a nature magazine.

  7. The professionalism exhibited in this photo is exceptional. You are a true maestro in your craft Thomas.

  8. Ha ha. Good pun!!! In all honesty though I have not seen a real squirrel. Perhaps because they are not here in my country. Good shot.

  9. Cute looking squirrel, I just like the sight of them. Always looks natural and innocent. This shot is awesome.

  10. Squirrels are such a cute animals, they also look like inquisite little creatures. I believe Up in the tree is where they belong.

  11. This little creature looks cute and thinking what’s like to climb farther into the tree. Lovely shot, the timing perfect

  12. Wow cute little squirrel, can I have this cutie creature? hehe Captured it perfectly.

  13. Oh my, such a very cute little squirrel! I have only seen a squirrel once, running across the top branches of the trees. Such amazing runners. I wonder how they find the views up there?

    • Puntastic! Love the word play. You have edited it wonderfully that makes the photo seem to let the viewer think deeply…

  14. Just wondering what the squirrel could be doing and thinking up there. Nice all the same

  15. Puntastic! Love the word play. You have edited it wonderfully that makes the photo seem to let the viewer think deeply…

  16. Wow. This is a wonderful shot. It’s very hard to capture a squirrel before it disappears.

  17. This is a great shot. It’s extremely difficult to catch a squirrel before it vanishes.

  18. Mr. squirrel is so cute. Great shot and capture right there. Squirrels are fast.

  19. the theme really makes the subject pop out. it is as if i am looking at an 80’s photo.

  20. Squirrels are so cute and very camera happy. Beautiful black and white pic! One of your best attributes is your ability to capture nature in all its glory.

  21. Looks really cute to be a pet. I can only enjoy it through pictures, but it seems to be quite satisfying!

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