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Things Are Gonna Look Up

Things Are Gonna Look Up

April 2019


10 responses to “Things Are Gonna Look Up”

  1. I never knew that photography can be dangerous. You’re so brave going underground with that ladder.

  2. This is an underground building.. You sure have a lot of nerve to take the snapshot from the bottom..good one

  3. How it feels to be stuck on the ground? Not cool. Thankfully, it has a ladder so you van get out.

  4. This is one of the old underground rooms. These days they are more decent with lifts and much modern stuffs.

  5. Every profession has it own risk . You did well capturing this photo for us, though a bit risky.

  6. Great analogy. The picture reminds me that no matter how dark it is , there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the the motivation. I really needed this!

  7. I just really love the story behind the picture, well okay my imagination. Seems like someone was stuck in a hole for a long time just looking for a way out then they finally find a ladder to the outside and know that things are going to look up.

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