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Things You Can Control Versus Things You Cannot

Things a person has no control over include things such gender identity, race, national origin, disability, skin color, age, or sexual orientation.

Something that a person has complete control over is the decision not to judge others for things they have no control over.

13 responses to “Things You Can Control Versus Things You Cannot”

  1. You are right,others choices has no business with any body and as such people should live and let live.

  2. I agree,being more respectful and knowing that everybody is different can make us feel better about the way we feel about us and about others.

  3. You are right..their are things we don’t have control over..we just have to make the best use of whatever situation we find ourselves..

  4. It pains me when I see people victimized for things they have absolutely no control over. Your words ring very true.

  5. It’s never a good thing to judge someone over things they can’t control. These are very wise words.

  6. I can relate to the disability bit since my bro has it a minor cerebral palsy. He is okay but he has a ton of limitations. He is down at times but he has an amazing spirit.

  7. I believe the best thing to do is stop judging each other. We don’t know what the person os going through and we can’t really control that. The best thing to do is to never critisize someone based on someone’s gender nor appearance.

  8. I also think for personal growth, you need to know things that you can control versus those you can’t. Many a times we spend so much time over things we have no control over.

  9. Very strong argument. Everyone’s entitled to their own way of life. I would even go further and say you should embrace your race, gender, or sexual orientation because it makes you special and unique.

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