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Think You’d Better Turn Your Ticket In

Think You'd Better Turn Your Ticket In

May 2020

27 responses to “Think You’d Better Turn Your Ticket In”

  1. I’m wondering why there’s a cross figure in the doorway. It is really creepy.

  2. I wonder what the caption has to do with the photo. I’m not getting it. the photo is cool all the same.

  3. Nice and a quality photo output. This house looks cool but surrounding is unkept.

  4. A little maintenance touch would set this back as a paradise to behold. Lovely picture, great job guy

  5. this house looks great, with a little help from our old friend the carpenter, this house can be put into good use.

  6. I still find this house and the photo really creepy. I would probably renovate it into a mini modern house and add color to it.

  7. Looks like this is the right place to do the guts test. It looks really creepy in the middle of the forest, even in the daytime though.

  8. Renovation will really mean alot in this regards. The building is really looking creepy already.

  9. Cool cottage looking shot. I like that the building is buried beneath the bushes and the trees.

  10. The timber is best salvaged an repurposed. That’s all the house is good for in this state.

  11. Despite its sad state, the house actually looks decent. Beats me why anyone would abandon it.

  12. I would think twice before setting foot into the house. Who knows what could be inside?

  13. I always find these fascinating. Then again what is on the inside?I am okay with this during daytime but at night no way. A lone cottage in the middle of nowhere is a bit creepy. Good looking building though.So mysterious.

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