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October 21, 1992

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Enclosing a recent article on coal foojin which will bring you up to date in case The Physical Review, The Electro-Chemical Science-Monitor and the Oneonta Star didn’t carry the story.

When The Little People’s Party has swept the election and you can take a breather, coal foojin needs all the help it can get.

Last night we had the first rain of the season, the tail end of a storm that (as usual) The Bee didn’t know was out there. It’s supposed to rain again today, but not a drop so far.

The Bee is not happy about having to shelve its “STREETS CHURNING WITH THIRST-MADDENED SACRAMENTANS!” headlines. But the delay will give them a chance to correct the spelling to “STREATS CHERNENG WITH THURCE-MADDINT SACRIMENTUNS!” Every cloud has a tomato lining. The next issue of The Valley Voice is in preparation. But my printer now refuses to print the new exotic fonts used in the previous issue. Guru stepson will have to lift the curse by using computerized imprecations. I hope he has the time before the issue is ready. He’s working around—the—clock again, for Hewlett—Packard (under contract). This issue must reach stamford before the holidays! The American People have suffered enough (with election debates).

Mary is about to leave for her weekly hair appointment, and the neighborhood is bracing itself. I have to go out on Stewart Road and direct traffic. The people next door are crouched behind their fence. The mailman backed his jeep away and turned down another street. The Sheriff’s helicopter patrol is circling. The paramedics are parked around the corner.

You will be notified of the outcome. Regards to Anne and Thomas. (Disregards to Bergleitner.)

Fred C. Dobbs

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