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This Is Now

Recently I’ve been in search of a fresh perspective on photography.  When Winter comes around, I tend to put my camera away and wait for warmer weather to come back around.  Here are a few amazing examples of what I consider to be fresh photography.  These were found in the This Is Now group on Flickr.

UntitledUntitledDenysAnnikaPabloUntitledbeneath the milky light.I take a nip and it tingles, you take a nip and you smile.auch die glühwürmchen sind schon da∞• N A T U R A L •**forestScottuntitledSarahredUntitledLarissa*350AndiMiss Cami (Re-uploaded)End of the roadÉviA unicorn just ate my socksThe Leaf & The ButterflyUntitled342

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