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This Is The Last Goodbye

May 2020

23 responses to “This Is The Last Goodbye”

  1. The caption is apt for this photo. Everything is in shambles here and it all shows their days are numbered. Everything here has gone bad

  2. With a place like this may as well say goodbye. It is messy, Chaotic and uninhabitable to be honest. This is sad though because this must have been a good place once.

  3. Whaooo, this is beyond last good bye. The place is so damaged that tends not to have any repair of choice. Thanks for posting this clear photo.

  4. The place is damaged beyond repair. I hope they can salvage some stuff that they cans till use. It is very sad to see such a beautiful place destroyed.

  5. This is really a mess, nothing can be arranged or carefully taken here .. all in mess, a really big work is needed here.

  6. One step away from decay, or perhaps that’s happened already, in this case.

    In another time, every dish, mug, or cupboard would have been neatly arranged, but as things stand right now, chaos has reigned supreme. If this place is possibly salvageable, there’s an immense clean-up and repair bill that awaits.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t dare take it up; it’s too much effort, even though I have my messy moments.

    *shivers in fear…*

  7. Interesting theme. It speaks to me because the long overdue cleanliness of the room resembles decay and someone withered and ready to pass on. I’m not sure if that was the message you were going for, but a thought provoking photo regardless indeed.

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