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Thomas Slatin Quote

“My writing is best described in days; yesterday my writing was superior, today it feels sub-par, and tomorrow I will regret my decision to become a writer at all. Yet, I feel as if my personal writing journey never ends.”  —Thomas W.P. Slatin

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  1. Wrinting is expressing how the writer always feels emotions and imagine things. For me, there’s so much into writing that makes you free.

  2. It’s a journey for everyone and often writing projects how you’re really feeling. I find writing the most helpful, when I have a dilemma so I can carefully craft it out and find a better solution. If I’m writing just for the sake of writing, it can be dull and uninspired.

  3. As they say everyone has off days and its okay. As long as it does not last long and you are doing what makes you happy. You can always bounce back.

  4. That’s the feeling one has at times in his career. It’s normal to have such moments.

  5. I like how you divide your writting in peroids of time, its a good way to see the things.

  6. Your writings inspire a lot of people.. that’s why you are an influencer..I know you will never regret your decision of being a writer

  7. Having a skill and loving is actually a journey because it never ends. Even if you are failing you keep at it because you love it.

  8. That goes triple for any kind of work worth doing. Some days, you end up with pretty amazing results, but at other times, your results are either just-passable, or they end up getting scrapped before you start all over again.

    It’s an ongoing process, and I hope that you continue to stay inspired, and also, that your efforts will inspire the rest of us, all in turn.

  9. Its an interesting journey though, a journey of self discovery and self growth. Its worth the hustle.

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