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Thomas Slatin Quote

“As far as I am concerned, writing and photography is a comforting, almost spiritual experience for me.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. I always say this do what makes you happy. On that regard, it is good that you found yours. I think we all need this but sadly at times LIFE HAPPENS. Some finds it while others do not.

  2. Same here, writing is comforting and a passion for me. I love to write and I feel very comfortable writing.

  3. I’m not good at writing and photography but I’m a fan of good writing(writer) and photography (photographer).

  4. I so love photography work because it help brings out the creative and innovation spirit in all that is why I believe it spiritual. Some people even see it as a way of life

  5. Anything that lets one devote their heart and soul into its making is emotional and spiritual for me. Getting lost while being in the creative process of thinking up new manuscripts for a book or thinking up how to best catch a moment on camera in that brief moment in time – it is both exhilarating and quite frightening to a degree.

  6. Both skills goes beyond human reasoning. So combining the two will make you go spiritual beyond the physical as you must have been filled with happiness.

  7. Lovely quote you just did. We all have something that we would love to do when we get old and you found yours. Amazing job you did there.

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