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Thomas Slatin Quote


“If writing were as easy as everyone claims it to be, everybody would be doing it.”
-Thomas Slatin

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  1. You are right Tom! writing isn’t easy at all. it is really mental tasking. Stringing words together is an art that we have to learn too

  2. Oh for sure, everyone would be writing if it was easy to do so. It does take a great amount of skill to write. I give it to you though, you are a good writer.

  3. Every person would be writing if it was a simple thing. It take immense amount of skill to do the writing.

  4. Not everyone can express their emotions through writing. If it’s easy, then we will all be writers.

  5. No, no… Never claim that writing is easy! You must have a lot of knowledge if you want to write something that is useful for many people or at least you must have a great imagination to be able to make interesting stories.

  6. Funny quote but making sense. Writing isn’t easy at all. I can attest to this mate.

  7. This quotes is meaningful. If writing is easy, I’ll be doing it too. But I’m not gifted which such skills and talent as you are and you’re doing great.

  8. I agree, that rule works for many things in life, the fact that something looks eassy doesn’t make it eassy at all.

  9. Sitting to put your thoughts and ideals down is not some thing easy. Writing things down is one thing I find difficult to do.

  10. As with many professions, writing takes years of experience to perfect. Not just anyone can do it!

  11. You do raise an important point Tom. I think it takes a lot of talent to be a good writer.

  12. Some are born as good writers and for some it takes years of practice. The key is knowing which side of this divide one falls.

  13. The people who claim writing is easy are ignorant. I always experience writer’s block whenever I try to write.

  14. Every writer can relate to this. The sheer amount of work it takes to write a masterpiece tells it all.

  15. I couldn’t agree more with you. I aspire to be a great writer some day and I have to say it’s not a bed of roses.

  16. From an outsider’s point of view, one may actually think writing is easy. However, one can only appreciate how difficult it is once they try to do it themselves.

  17. I’ve worked in a publishing company before and dealt with authors about their book and manuscripts. Even writers who have already publsihed a book have challenges.

  18. I agree. As a writer myself I have yet to perfect the craft but I hope I Could. Anyway not anyone can write but a writer can come from anywhere.

  19. I personally has never thought writing is easy not if you wanted a quality work afterwards. It takes a lot of practice and consistency to see your work improve

  20. Its because people thought writing is easy that’s why we have porous writing this days. They’ve forgotten the rudiments for quality writing, all just wanna make money

  21. Oh how I wish I am good at writing too. I love reading books and always felt that writers are such gifted people.

  22. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write a meaningful message. We need face the fact that it is indeed hard to be a writer.

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