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Thomas Slatin Quote

Thomas Slatin

“While faced with everything that matters to us, it’s always the heart that matters more.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Yes, the heart is what matters most of all that matter. You’re not just a photographer but a modernize and unique writer inclusive. I love the quote. Thanks for sharing

    • You are right. The heart matters most. No matter the degree of what one might be facing in life, the heart is the most important. Nice quote Tom

  2. Yeah matters of the heart matter alot above all things. We matter what we are going through, it needs one reasoning and setting thiungs right from the heart.

  3. Your photographer job goes beyond photography alone TOM. You have always exposed us to see beyond our location. The heart is the Paramount key every achievements. Thanks for this quote.

  4. This is very well said. It’s always what the heart seeks where one’s true happiness lies and what matters the most.

  5. The heart is like the engine room operating maximally no matter what we are going through. No heart for thing means no passion.

  6. I agree becomes in reality all the things that matters the most are invisible. Love, freedom , friendship are all intangible and cheesy to some. However, cheesy as it maybe we really want and need those in life.

  7. We chase a lot of things in life like success, money and other material things. We thought they would make us happy. But the truth is, love is what matters most.

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