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Thomas Slatin Quote On Wasting Ones Life

Thomas Slatin

One who lives their whole life without an interesting story to tell has undoubtedly wasted their life.

Thomas Slatin

20 responses to “Thomas Slatin Quote On Wasting Ones Life”

  1. What a lovely quote. Life is either a challenging experience or nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. So true! I have an adventurous spirit so I have many unique stories that are not experienced by my friends. I feel bored when listening to some of my friends have a flat life story.

  3. Anyone that lives a fulfilled like will definitely has a story to tell. Thomas well not everyone lived a fulfilled life meaning its not everyone that has an experience to share

  4. You nailed it…if you never experienced something interesting in your life,then its safe to say that you have frittered away your life..nice one tom

  5. Well quoted Thomas, no interesting story to tell; in one word..Wasted. if you have ever lived, there is always a story to tell

  6. Indeed, we should all live to tell our life story. We need to be an inspired and to be an inspiration to others.

  7. This is a very factual statement Tom. Everyone should strive to make an interesting story of their lives.

  8. I can totally relate to this quote. Indeed, every person should at least have some interesting aspect to their life.

  9. Your quote is very inspiring. It encourages us to live our lives in a way that it would be interesting enough to write about.

  10. Thank you for sharing the thought provoking quote. It does a good job of motivating people to live the best life they can.

  11. Life is a series of many strange, colorful, sometimes dramatic, heart breaking, and life changing events. It would be kind of weird if one person doesn’t have any kind of story to tell, for we all live and have went through a lot of things that are stories in of themselves. And we should remember that it will be interesting to one person or a group of persons out there who love us so much, no matter how we think insignificant or lame our stories could be.

  12. This is why I always say ” DO NOT JUST GROW OLD GROW UP” I mean do something that will be worth your time and something that embodies the value of life. Drinking, Partying is good but know your priorities.

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