“Life was so much easier when I was young. I never thought I would ever see the day when I would be forced to trade my childhood heroes for ghosts. I sometimes dream from time to time, of days long ago, straight line from the days when I was still very young.” —Thomas Slatin, Belong

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  1. When we were young, most beautiful decisions made that we loved are made for us and that makes life easier. Now the ball is in our court to make decisions, Thomas, that shit isn’t easy

  2. The beauty of childhood is that we often look at the world like a magical place filled with mythical creatures, amazing superheroes, and fascinating stories. Sadly, we wake up one day and find ourselves already adults and any prior notions of a magical world get shattered because of our experiences. True, we no longer see unicorns in our dreams, but it is our resolve that will help us see our way in the future.

  3. I agree but not to the part where you have to trade your childhood to grow up? I always believe that growing up is never about forgetting one thing for the other but rather knowing your priorities. Forgetting childhood is the same as you are just growing old but not growing up.

  4. People really regret some of the choices they made when they grow older. It’s really one of the biggest dilemmas and trade offs of life in general. It’s either we give our most treasured childhood aspirations and dreams or be destroyed by the world’s harsh reality that there’s always something dark beyond the edge of any rainbow.

  5. Going back to childhood days I remember how clueless we are with everything in life. Now that we’re old, it’s a big difference that at our age today every little things matter.

  6. Life is actually smooth and lovely when we are younger. But life changed our decision about it.

  7. I always dream to go back in being a child. There’s nothing stresses you and you can be whatever you’d like to be.

  8. one of the advantages of being young is not able to understand the things around clearly. I find it really funny when I try to remember all the decisions I made when I was young.

  9. One’s childhood memories are one of the most cherished. They form a great deal of who we are as adults.

  10. Yes, i totally agree. Life is much easier when we are young since we are have so much time enjoying it to its fullest and remember thos things when we grow up.

  11. Being a cbilc is the easiest and most Fundamental part of one’s life. It’s so sad that some people don’t get to enjoy that.

  12. I generally dream to return to being a youngster. There’s nothing stresses you and you can be whatever you’d prefer to be.

  13. That’s why I have always missed my childhood, life was so easy ,I dont have to thing of anything. I just have to obey instructions. I missed those days

  14. I guess it’s like that for most of us. I also miss those times when everything was eassier and i used to think that I coould do everything.

  15. Interesting way to reflect. I think our values and role models definitely change as we get older. I think wisdom and maturity has its benefits as well.

  16. I understand you very well. There are times when i think back on my childhood days I laugh because life was easy and less stressful, you could get away with almost anything.

  17. I spent my whole childhood wishing I were older and now I’m spending my adulthood wishing I were younger. Childhood memories are the sweetest!

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