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Thomas Slatin Quote

Thomas Slatin

“It is society that teaches us to focus upon the end result, the finished product, the pinnacle of completion. Yet we are complacent in the ignorance of our failures, our struggles, our tears, and all the things that lead up to the realization of our end goals.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. The end does not justify the means. We should always consider the process to the resukt we need.

  2. That feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, smug satisfaction leads to end game we might no want. I love this quote, just unique

  3. The end game should be our focus, it matters. I also think we shouldn’t quit trying, failure doesn’t mean the end but gives more reason to try new things until we succeed.

  4. It is a sad truth that in this world results are everything. However, there is more to that. If you ask me I enjoy the journey more than the destination.

  5. Well, like they say the end justifies the means, I think this is what we delight in most, the end products not all the struggles we went through.

  6. Life is how we do it. People usually see the end result, not the means on how you achieved it. That is why society is so judgmental regarding the status’ of the people

  7. This is sadly the harsh truth. Nobody really cares how one got there, as long as you provide them with the end results that they are always so fixated upon. This also leads us to being blind to everything that is involved with the journey, just as long as we give others the success that they want.

  8. People always focus on the results and doesn’t mind the process and the hardwork. People should also acknowledge that efforts matter.

  9. Yeah, no body looks at the pains, struggles and hurts about things but mostly the end result.

  10. Yoyr words are very true. Your message reminds me of Bauman, he said something zimilar but using diferent words.

  11. In fact, often people will doubt or even insult when you are still struggling in the process of getting there. Most importantly, do not be easily swayed and continue to fight as hard as possible to achieve it.

  12. Society sometimes puts a lot of pressure on us. So much to the point that we may lose ourselves.

  13. The process that leads us to success is usually more important than the success itself. It provides a huge opportunity for personal growth.

  14. Many thanks for sharing yet another insightful quote. This does provoke a lot of thought Tom.

  15. It’s funny how much society dictates for us. We should maintain our sense of freedom at all times!

  16. The route we take to get to the end result is just as important as the end result. If anything, the two are actually mutually exclusive.

  17. The struggles and challenges we face when pursuing something dictates what the end result will be like. As such, we should try and give our best in all we do.

  18. Many times, the end doesn’t justify the means. Of course there are exceptions to the rule.

  19. We should never be oblivious of the struggles we go through to achieve our goals. The play a big part in shaping who we are.

  20. Fantastic sentiment on appreciating the now and living in the moment. The end goal is great, but when you sit and reflect on what brought you there, good and bad, you will reach a total state of admiration.

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