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Thomas Slatin Quote On Youth

I still remember being young and every time I felt as if I were in love, it felt like as if I were simply part of a juxtaposition of two lost souls side by side in orbit around a chaotic world.

Thomas Slatin

26 responses to “Thomas Slatin Quote On Youth”

  1. I like that we can still talk about love and being loved in a chaotic world. Life will be a lot better just this way.

  2. When I remember the feeling of being young it can be overwhelming at times. The feeling of love , joy and happiness all around then was all that concerned me, and not how chaotic the world was.

  3. It really is overwhelming when we tend to feel young. When you are young there is nothing else you want to feel and that is being inlove. No matter how our world’s desposition is. Even if it is chaotic or not still being inlove is greater amongst others.

  4. Youth is the most beautiful time, where young men and women feel the beauty of falling in love. The moment when emotional feelings are high up.

  5. My great photographer turns a great philosopher. You are so gifted Tom. Thanks for this beautiful quote.

  6. when we are young, our world revolved around little things like eating, sleeping and playing. When are getting older we realized that our parents shielded us from all this things.

  7. Alot of things just seems stunning when we were young. A lot love and beauty. Thomas, you are a man of many skills.

  8. I wish I could be younger again, alot of opportunities we dont care much about. That young age is just fantastic, full of love and care. You are a man of many skills.

  9. Young love is always the best, because it’s full of mysteries and curiiocur to know. Hard to forget those days.

  10. I wish I can be young again and make everything right, just the way I have always wanted it to be . I like the quote.

  11. This has to be the first time I’ve seen you talk about love. You rarely touch on the topic.

  12. Two lost souls side by side in orbit around a chaotic world. Very interesting way to describe love Tom.

  13. Love is something really powerful. Young love for me is different from real love.

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