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Thomas Slatin Quote


“The culmination of daily fears and postponed dreams gave me no other option than to vanish to save my own sanity. Whatever path one chooses to walk in life, there are times in life when one must walk alone.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Fear is not good nor evil it only shows are weakness. It makes us kinder and gentle. Sometimes we succumb to it but it should not stop us from following our dreams. Being scared is normal. Just do not dwell on it for too long.

  2. Dreams are the product of our subconscious. Sometimes it is the product of the things that we want to do.

  3. You are so right on walking alone. No way in this life that we can’t be alone especially when we need to get into deep thinking.

  4. Times of solitude and reflection are definitely a part of life. Without them though, we would be less wise and analytical and less appreciative of the company of others.

  5. Sometimes I just want to be left alone to think things out.Being alone sometimes is the only opportunity of thinking straight.

  6. Conquering the daily fears is not an eassy task, it’s a constant fight that just few people gets to achieve.

  7. The life ahead is a secret of God and we never know what the end will be like. With gratitude we will be able to feel happy and at least we must be able to understand and take lessons from the events that occur in our lives.

  8. This is such a nice quote. Yes, sometimes you need to walk away from everything and walk alone in order to find yourself again.

  9. Could you make a compilation publication of all your lovely quotes? That’s one book I wouldn’t mind buying!

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