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Thomas Slatin Quote

“An old friend once bragged to me their list of accomplishments, as if in their eyes, the things for which I have accomplished were insignificant by comparison.  This made me realize that their accomplishments are equal in merit to mine, notwithstanding, as my goals were realized through dedication, perseverance, compassion, and grace.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Everyone goals are different in how they look towards life. You are good at your achievements, no worries…

  2. That’s very true, everyone’s achievements are valuable… we all have goals and it doesn’t matter how harder or easier can they be to achieve, all of them are valuable.

  3. Well stated. Whatever I achieved through dedication and my efforts is merit. No comparison or whatever from others will be entertained

  4. For me I don’t compare my accomplishments with anyone. You brag about yours, I brag about mine. No time looking for a medal from people that don’t really care.

  5. I personally told myself that no matter how people talk or criticize me, I wont let it get to me. I go at my pace

  6. It all depends on the person. Simply put what others consider huge may be small to others. Trash to some but gold to others. At the end of the day this depends on our perspective.

  7. I don’t believe there is a standard for accomplishment, I never look at what one has achieved and try to achieve same. One thing I know is that everyone’s goals are different.

  8. With dedication and perseverance, we will break through. All side takes are just distractions. It wont affect me

  9. As long as you are contented, that’s all that matters. It’s never fair to compare accomplishments.

  10. No achievement comes without some level of dedication and hard work. As such, every achievement is valuable.

  11. I think that was inconsiderate of your friend. They shouldn’t have looked down on your achievements.

  12. Every person has the right to be proud of their achievements. It doesn’t matter what the achievements are.

  13. Those are definitely virtuous qualities. I think everyone brings something special to the table, so you shouldn’t try and minimize what they’ve accomplished.

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