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Thomas Slatin Quote

“When I was a child, I lost my grip on a balloon and I stood and watched as it quickly rose and then vanished. My father used this singular event as a life lesson in loss. While at the time I was saddened by the loss, what followed next was a sudden and unexpected rainstorm, and my father reassuring me that he would buy me another red balloon again, almost as if drops of hope were falling from the sky.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Quite literally drops of hope. Sounds like this was an impactful memory that stayed with you to this day.

  2. It looks like the cherishing moment of your life. And, it happens when we are exposed to a learning with an event.

  3. I can understand hoping for something that can be replaced, knowing that you can purchase it back. But how do we hope for something that can not be easily replaced?

  4. Ahh, I can feel how you felt because we bought experience something similar. What was different was no rain came but I also got another ballon.

  5. The issue with this is balloons always pops he he, However at least it brings happiness to people. It can also mean a lot of stuff.

  6. Having people around us while we loose something precious really atimes consoles us and makes us heal on time. Nice quote man, all true

  7. This is to show that we need to be hopeful. There will always be a replacement that might be better after a loss

  8. What a wonderful quote. I agree with this quote, despite the loss there is always hope after. Thanks for sharing your quote with us!

  9. Many thanks for sharing this interesting bit about your childhood. This does have a much deeper meaning of course.

  10. Much like the balloon, when an opportunity escapes us, there will always be another. Great quote Thomas.

  11. What a coincidence that the rain started falling right after you lost the balloon. Maybe it was a sign.

  12. We all have a story similar to this. Personally my dad was my motivation and inspiration while growing up.

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