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The following article was written by Lisa Pellegrene, and was originally published by Broadway World, on March 5, 2018.

In a recent interview, renowned master photographer, writer, influencer and graphic designer Thomas Slatin discusses his role in an upcoming dance and music based TV series, directed by TV /Film professional, journalist and animal advocate, Lisa Pellegrene.

Thomas Slatin has worked decades as a master photographer, typically photographing previously abandoned places throughout the United States, and has had his share of videography experience off the record relating to further capturing some of his planned photography shoots, as well as family videos. This spring he will be an integral part of a forthcoming TV production entitled Peace, Love, Unity TV Dance Troupe. Slatin is attached to the project as one of the cinematographers and as the lead still photographer. The project can be found on via this link. The project was conceptualized by Lisa J. Pellegrene, after years in the entertainment industry as talent, and production, this is her directorial debut. According to  Pellegrene, she choose Thomas Slatin as the lead still photographer and one of several cinematographers attached to the project “due to his innate talent and years as a photographer where he truly breathes life into the images he photographs.” She continued to state, “he truly is an obvious choice as he consistently captures otherwise abandoned locations beautifully, so imagine the level of enthusiasm and attention to detail and immense skill he is capable of bringing through his photography, relating to this energetic and uplifting  production. He has decades of expertise mastering the art of photography,” concludes Pellegrene.

When asked about his forthcoming involvement in the first episode of the TV series Thomas Slatin spoke a bit about some advice he received from his late father. “My father used to tell me that the most important dreams and goals in life take the longest to attain. I feel that after decades of preparation, my time has finally come.” Slatin continued to state, “filmmaking is one of those professions which feels so elusive to most and truly is difficult to become a part of. I am honored to have been considered for such a project.”

Concluding, “for me, it is the culmination of my work experience, my curiosity and my dreams of being an integral part of something much greater than I could have ever imagined doing a decade ago.”

When discussing the mission or purpose of the project relating to the high concept, relatable to those in theater especially Director Lisa Pellegrene reiterated Slatin’s sentiments regarding his involvement relating to following his dreams. “This is the basis for every cast members involvement, the entire crew and the entire production team as well as the audience because specifically, “this project is about bringing people together to support and encourage one another while through example, showing all the beauty and actual viability of following one’s dreams.”

Thomas Slatin discussed the camera he will utilize for still photography, “I will be using a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. This camera has an outstanding full frame at 30.4 megapixels. It is the perfect choice for immersive photography because it is relatively compact and does not seem to draw a lot of attention.” Black and white and color photography will be utilized for the production. The initial episode entitled “Dancing in the Streets” will feature as many as 300-400 dancers, dancing in the streets, inspiring music artists and a live audience. The public is invited to watch the production and perhaps “become a part of it,” as summarized by Pellegrene.

Slatin discussed the benefits regarding Pellegrene’s decision to attach multiple cinematographers and still photographs to the first episode. “I agree with the director’s decision, nobody wants to see a one sided story and having documentation of different vantage points and perceptions from multiple cinematographers, will further depict the magnitude of the production as well as capture a lot of detail which may be otherwise overlooked.”

Thomas Slatin concluded the recent interview relating to Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe TV by stating that he “enjoys immersive photography the best” and this is where he is known, as stated by his peers, to truly shine. “I will be a fly on the wall of sorts, where I might be seen working, but never really noticed. The action happening all around me, and I pursue my passion to document it.”


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