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Favorite photographs from renowned photographer, Thomas W.P. Slatin, this week’s “Year in Review.”

Known adventure, wildlife and portrait photographer, Thomas W.P. Slatin definitely has his “favorite photographs of all time” from his repertoire of photographs which he has taken over the years. Resuming Slatin’s “Decade in Review” this week, we happen to have a photograph of Slatin’s that is part of his collection on iStock by Getty Images. During the last quarter of 2018, his stunning macaw picture, among others, was one of the photographs responsible for his inclusion as an iStock by Getty Images contributor. The photograph is of a perched blue and gold Macaw Parrot against a deep blue sky. The photograph was taken with Slatin’s Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Harpursville, New York. It can be found here also on iStock by Getty Images,

During 2015, Thomas Slatin found himself focused on photographing the northeast, and at the time, Slatin recalls that he was looking for a new place to call his “forever home.” “I spent a lot of time with friends in 2015, states Slatin, friends who were delighted to give me location ideas for my photography work. They also helped me with the contact information that I needed, so that I could obtain permission to photograph various properties.” Continuing, “My friend Ryan was able to help me obtain permission and access to photograph Hillcrest Depot. One of Slatin’s “top five picks” from 2015 was taken at Hillcrest Depot, located in the town of Fenton, New York. The photograph was taken with his Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is just one of Slatin’s digital cameras that he chose to utilize in 2015. When Thomas Slatin was asked about his favorite photographs of the year and why, he shared the following. “I used a vintage 120mm TLR camera (black and white) during a photo shoot in Chenango Forks, NY. This is one of my favorites. I like how the front face of the barn is intact, with the front door appearing to be so prominent in the picture, while the remainder of the barn was reduced to a pile of loose boards.” Slatin’s friend had a barn collapse on his property during a major storm, no one was hurt from the collapse, and his friend invited him to photograph it.

The photograph Slatin deemed to be one of the most stunning photographs of his collection for the year was taken at Mason Lake with his Canon PowerShot SX280 HS. Slatin recalls his inspiration, “I was traveling up NY Route 30, and I had to stop to take the picture of Mason Lake. It was an absolutely perfect day to photograph it, and the reflection off of the lake was incredible.”

As Slatin has stated many times before, he definitely has photo shoots which involve extensive pre-production (prep time), to include obtaining permission to photograph the physical properties; yet, some of his favorite photographs arise out of pure happenstance. Camera in tow, he stops when he sees beauty and he documents it.

Slatin frequently travels throughout Maine, specifically Pemaquid Point and surrounding areas. Another of Thomas Slatin’s favorite photographs of the year include a photograph which was taken in Maine using his Canon PowerShot SX280 HS.

Slatin states, “I was traveling through Maine in 2015, and I stumbled upon an abandoned house on a rural road. The house itself was mostly empty, with the exception of an Alf poster on the kitchen wall. I also appreciated the vintage 1980’s era chair located in the dining room of the abandoned property.”

Slatin began documenting otherwise abandoned and interesting properties throughout his childhood and youth beginning in Manhattan and then in Upstate New York, shortly after his father gave him his first camera at the age of eight. Thomas Slatin is known for his work in urban exploration and adventure photography. “One big difference, states Slatin, between now and then, I always obtain permission now. My passion for exploring properties and documenting them definitely remains the same.”

Slatin mentioned his favorite car photograph of the year, “I found this old car on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it in Central Bridge, New York.” As Slatin recalled, “the owner was asking for an offer on the car. As I looked at the car, the sun was beginning to set, and I captured this one of my most favorite photographs of 2015.” When asked what he loved most about it, Slatin concludes, “the almost mystical effect on the vintage steering wheel, from the way the light radiates.”

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  1. There are some photos that look a little creepy. Especially with the chair in the middle of the room.

  2. This is just a picture perfect of a bird in the rainforest. I rarely see such a wonderful photograph.

  3. keep the good work Tom, your photography work is just so unique. Always giving the very best of your skills. Well done.

  4. They are images so real and clear that it seems that I was in that place, the photographs that I liked the most are the macaw and the lake.

  5. Congratulations if a huge company is now using your photos you know you are doing the right thing. It is well deserve Tom and another achievement under your belt. You are now in the big leagues man. Congrats!!!

  6. I’m impressed aout the colors in your pictures, they look so vibrant and realistic. You also pick amazing topics that catch my curiosity.

  7. I can’t wait for next Thursday to see the next installment of this series. It has been such a big success.

  8. Beautiful images and very interesting to hear which style camera Tom prefers. I love how he’s traveled all over the map, documenting animals, vehicles and abandoned houses. This macaw has got a lot of life to it. Amazing colours and depth of focus.

  9. It’s easy to forget the work that goes into getting some of the photos. All the permission seeking must be a lot of work!

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