The following article was written by Petar Mikonoss, and was originally published by The Frisky on February 28, 2019.

Thomas Slatin

There is one thing we can all agree – although our society is constantly developing it seems that certain things are falling behind, and stable employment is one of those. The unemployment rates throughout Western countries have been higher than in the past few decades, and that is not a good trend to keep up with. The USA is an excellent example of people having trouble to keep their 9 to 5 job and provide for their family each and every month. On the other hand, innovations and self-developed businesses are on the rise as people try to materialize their skills. An excellent example of such is Thomas W. P. Slatin – a man who has recognized the potential of internet much before us all, in 1998.

Thomas W. P. Slatin, born in 1979, has been in the writing and photography business for over 20 years, and believe us he has much to say when it comes to being self-employed and using your and that creativity to earn income. While he is most famous for his photos and writings, Thomas has effectively been a website is constantly well and now he has included as his third skill and service. He does have a unique style of writing, using the journalistic approach to resemble and describe situations that he comes across during his life journey.

How Did It All Come To Be

Thomas Slatin

While Thomas had his first job being a firefighter, he very soon realized it is not something of his interest and focused on materializing his skills and talent for writing and photography. Now, you can see his photos featured everywhere from 500px to iStock and Canva. He has over 160 thousand followers on Instagram and the number keeps on rising each and every day – and there is no doubt why. Thomas enjoys taking photos of urban adventures and nature and sees himself as an exploration photographer. Whether you are looking at a lone chair in the kitchen, a cat sitting on a desk, or a tree that denies the impact of harsh wind – you can be sure that this American Writer and master photographer had something wonderful in mind while capturing such moments. Thomas portfolio is a unique one and you will not get bored even after hours of looking at his photos – there are hundreds of different shots and situations, but all carry the same meaning of urban adventure and nature.

How Did Thomas Become Such A Good Writer

Well, since a young age he enjoyed reading books and journal articles, and though he initially pursued medicine he very soon after found himself starting a blog and writing his first few papers. And now he is famous for the unique style his articles carry – a journalistic approach on daily situations. His blogs mostly reflect his life and love sharing a positive message on the importance of enjoying both the ups and downs that our life consists of.

Thomas Slatin

While someone might ask well how did he become so popular – the answer is simple, he invested a lot of time and effort. As a blogger, Thomas started posting on daily basis and he does it to this day. He suggests that the main two factors of being successful in this business are to be unique and consistent. And he certainly is.

Web Design As An Investment

With blogging, he started using WordPress and very soon after found himself enjoying this tool. Years after, Thomas decided that it might be time to invest in another skill and here he is – web designer, photographer and a writer in one. He enjoys doing web design and has a number of successfully arranged blogs behind him.


Thomas W. P. Slatin is an excellent example of how you should not cry over the given situation but instead stand up and pursue your dreams. He is a 3 in 1, and enjoys the freedom that his job allows him each and every day!

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