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Thomas W.P. Slatin Discusses Memorable Work Spanning the Decade

Thomas Wilson Pratt Slatin is a well-known photographer and writer, whose work in photography ranges from interesting urban exploration and adventure photography to beautiful landscape photographs and portraits. During this week’s interview with Thomas Slatin he recaps his photographs which have stood the test of time, representing some of his most memorable work to date. This week he discusses photography shoots from 2013 for his decade in review. Each week, on Thursday, some of Slatin’s most interesting and beautiful work will be reviewed and discussed.

Slatin states, “My most memorable photo shoot from 2013 was the day I took a trip to the now abandoned iron ore mining town of Tahawus, New York. The blast furnace had a short fence around it, barring access to the site for obvious safety reasons. I was able to also get verbal permission to photograph otherwise “off limit” parts of it, because I mentioned being a career EMT and Firefighter at the time.”

The site is now owned by the state of New York, according to Slatin.
Thomas continued, “I remember asking a New York State Forest Ranger if I could have permission to explore and photograph the interior of the buildings, and that people go inside all the time. So sure, I could explore and photography the property he said, at my own risk.”

One of Thomas Slatin’s most beautiful and heartfelt photo shoots from 2013 includes work that documented the art of his friend, the late Timothy Touhey. “In Sept of 2013, my good friend Timothy asked me to photograph his artwork, and place the images on my blog in exchange for food, drinks, and some great conversation. At the time, he wanted to further perpetuate his good work, and of course, he asked and I happily obliged. He was a good friend for many years, states Slatin, and always will be.”

Continuing, “I spent the afternoon talking to Tim, photographing his artwork, which consisted of paintings, pastel drawings, and a few sculptures, and then I happily listened to Timothy play the piano. I took a lot of pictures of Tim in his natural, and most creative state. It was that day he said to me, “My work should speak for itself. If you develop an experience as you encounter the artwork, then it is owned by you.” Slatin discusses more about his friend on his site, at

Slatin’s nomination of his best work in 2013, in terms of perfect lighting, consists of photographs of an abandoned railroad set in Cooperstown Junction, New York. Photographs from the Cooperstown Junction Railroad, as photographed by Slatin may be found here:

Thomas Slatin’s favorite photograph of the year is one that he entitled, “Let The Sunshine In,” a stunning landscape portrait, which was taken in Maine overlooking Mount Desert Island.

Slatin is an avid urban exploration/adventure photographer. When asked to recall his most memorable urban exploration photo shoot, Slatin recalled an abandoned house in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Slatin states, “The house was once a private residence, but whoever owned the property, turned the house into what looked to be a chicken coop. As soon as I entered the abandoned property, I came across mostly boarded up windows and doors. The windows that no longer had glass panes were covered with chicken wire. All of the furniture was still in the house and covered in chicken droppings. It was extremely bizarre, and definitely, one of my most interesting photo shoots by far.”

Slatin did little pre-production in terms of location scouting in 2013, as “most everything was spur of the moment, I found a location that I wished to photograph in my travels and I did,” states Slatin. The Tahawus photography work did take a bit of planning as it was difficult to find due to the location having only one road leading to the abandoned town.”

All of Slatin’s photographs from the aforementioned year were taken with a Canon Power Shot SX280 HS or his Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The photographs taken with the Canon Power Shot were the ones of the Metro North Railroad.

Check back on Thursday, September 24, for another week in review from renowned photographer, Thomas Slatin.


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  1. Interesting and informative reading, as always. What a pleasure and treat knowing this wonderful, creative creature… aka Thomas/Tom

  2. The sky in the picture is really colorful with a green expanse, making it so beautiful. And all the photos are so amazing because they were taken by Thomas W.P. Slatin.

  3. I may not have known you for that long but hey if anything this shows your chops in all of these years. Your photos and articles are really good. Looking forward for more. Tom!!!

  4. Just be honest! I am totally in awe of all these images. I spent a lot of time enjoying all of these pictures one by one.

  5. This statement caught my eyes My most memorable photo shoot from 2013 was the day I took a trip to the now abandoned iron ore mining town of Tahawus, New York. I wish I was among your partners.

  6. Tom is a great example of someone who makes every minute count and does not shy away from any creative venture that arouses his interest. It’s intriguing to hear the background of his relationship with Tim, who sounds like a like minded individual. What a decade its been and I love that Tom continues to dazzle and surprise with his beautiful photography and insightful thoughts on life.

  7. With all the beautiful photos Tom has, it becomes difficult to pick a favorite. I think all his photos are masterpieces in themselves.

  8. The best photos I love from the decade are those of abandoned properties. They are all works of art in themselves.

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