Thomas Slatin

The following article was written by Peter Jackson, and was originally published by Foreign Policy on March 1, 2019.

Thomas Slatin

While having a 9 to 5 job might be considered as a stable and risk-free way to acquire monthly income, being self-employed has more than a few benefits over it. Now, while running your own business or doing freelance jobs is not as simple and requires a lot of effort and time to be put in you still get a lot of freedom compared to being someone’s regular employee and you are the one who gets to decide on the next business move.

In the past few decades internet has had a huge effect on our society, and although there are certain cons to its use it still allows for a lot of benefits among which the biggest one is the fact that you can earn money from the comfort of your home. And that is what Thomas W. P. Slatin realized when he started writing and blogging in 1998. Now, he is a master photographer, web designer, and a writer providing worldwide services for those interested. For the past 20 years, he has gathered up quite an experience and can surely shed some light on how to become successful in the freelance business.

Big Tree At Dawn

The Beginnings Of Thomas W. P. Slatin

Thomas is a great example of how following your heart and dreams is something we should all do. Although he was initially interested into becoming a part of the medical staff and worked as a firefighter at one point he very soon after realized that it is not something that fulfills him and decided to start writing on daily basis. And now, 20 years after, Thomas Slatin can safely claim that he is among the most followed alternative writers given the fact that he has over 500k followers when we combine all the social platforms. There is no doubt why – his writing style is quite unique as he most resembles and writes about life situations through a journalistic first-person style. Every story is unique and leads you into reading more.

Where The Water Meets The Land

Along with that, this urban adventurer enjoys taking photos of nature and urban life situations. Don’t get confused if you scroll down the iStock and run into more than a few photos by this man. He has a diverse set of photos in his collection but all carry the same message – urban adventure.

What Does Thomas Slatin Have To Say About Maximizing Your Potential

Now, Thomas has a few tips for all of you that enjoy writing. If you are thinking about a blog there are two things you should know – a blog should be consistent and unique. Feel free to develop your own style and don’t shy away from writing on the situations you have experienced as people love reading those given the fact that they can relate in certain cases. Along with that, as Thomas claims writing is not something that you should do as a job – of course, it can bring you a good income, but unless you really enjoy the content yourself, you will not be able to provide the needed quality. He concludes suggesting that writing is an amazing form of art that allows you to express your thoughts, emotions and send a message in just a few sentences.

On the other hand, with photography being his second love he thinks of one element in it as the most important and that is light. A good light creates any captured moment even more mesmerizing. Of course, you should approach the model or the figure with a sense of understanding – your goal is to capture it and it is up to a viewer to interpret it as they like.


Thomas W. P. Slatin, a man who has been in the freelance industry for over 20 years is certainly the best example that effort and faith are the two essentials to achieving your dreams. After 20 years of working in the writing and photography industry, he is now able to advise others on the matter and help young talents on the path to success!

17 thoughts on “Thomas W. P. Slatin Has A Few Tips On Photography And Writing For You

  1. Thank you for being an inspiration. I’m thinking of starting my own blog and I will go with your own tip when I’m ready. A blog should be unique and consistent.

  2. Cool! When you have the experience, it’s good also to share to those amateurs. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I’m greatly inspired by your dedication and passion that have made you devote 20 years of your life in photography and writing. But this message is well illustrated by the quality of photographs you take.

  4. You are truely an influencer..I always read your articles and I gain a lot from them..if their is one lesson I have learnt from you,it is to follow my passion and dreams…Good work

  5. I’m an admirer of your work, I think what you do brings hapiness to the people and a different perception of the world, especially when you share the pictures.

  6. I just like the fact that you were determined and decided to follow your heart. Well done for being a very good writer and photographer.

  7. As an upcoming writer myself I am greatly inspired by your story. I hope to one day achieve the same level of success.

  8. I hope to be self employed one day too. It takes a lot of brevity to quit a 9 to 5 to pursue your dreams.

  9. Making it as a freelancer is never easy. You achieved a phenomenal feat and it’s good that you’re helping upcoming artists as well.

  10. If you follow your passion you can achieve anything that you set out to achieve. Your story is a big inspiration!

  11. I am impressed by your conviction in your passion. To leave everything and pursue what you love and be succesful at it is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

  12. This tells me one thing in life: following what your heart desires don’t just leave you living your dreams but also leaves you passion to inspire. Thank you Tom.

  13. Photography and writing may sound a piece of cake but it isn’t. You have to have a skill, a skill that makes you stand out from the rest.

  14. Thomas’s story is really inspirational to aspiring writers and everyone who wants to follow their dream. I think the fact that he’s had such an extensive career in many fields that his writing and photography are so well rounded and can reach many different people. I also admire how his use of light accentuates all his photos and his personal ideologies are really motivating and relatable to many artists.

  15. As a fellow writer I learned a lot from you so thanks. I may not be a photographer unfortunately but writing and photos do mirror each other.

  16. This is a true story of ow following your passion and staying committed to it can reward you in the long run.Very few people have the courage to make this old decision.

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