The  photograph below is entitled “New York State of Mind.”

New York Central System

Photographed by Thomas Slatin with the Canon 5d Mark IV camera. Duanesburg, New York (Schenectady County).

Thomas W.P. Slatin is a published, freelance master photographer, writer, web designer and influencer. He focuses on multiple genres of photography to include urban exploration, landscape photography, locomotives and stunning photographs of animals and landscapes.

“Do what you love,” resonates with Slatin, as he is passionate about his photography and writing work. Some of Slatin’s photographs have been utilized for restoration efforts for various properties that were previously abandoned. His landscape photography is stunning and focused largely on the New England and Mid Atlantic States.

Throughout 2019, he plans to photograph various regions of the United States to obtain more stunning photography within the aforementioned genres of work focus.A few recent news releases about his work include the articles entitled, “Wisdom from Writer, Photographer and Influencer Thomas Slatin: Stay True,” Broadway World;

Thomas Slatin Selected as Photographer and One of the Cinematographers on Peace Love Unity (TV)” Broadway World “An Artist and a Scientist – A Focus on Unity and Inspiration” which was published in Patch-Albany, then featured by a national editor Rick Uldricks at Patch as featured content throughout the state of New York, and nationally by (MSNBC).

His most recent work published, appeared on the front page of The Daily Star in Oneonta, New York for his photograph of The Westholm Hotel. This hotel is in process of restoration.

After a 17 year career as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, Thomas Slatin resigned to pursue his passion in photography and as a writer on a full time basis. He photographs using both film and digital photography, to include a wealth of experience in film to include medium and large format film photography. His camera of choice for digital photography is the Canon 5D Mark IV EOS camera.

Canon Digital Photography
Beautiful Deer Wild and Free
Photographed by Thomas W.P. Slatin in Long Island, New York


Interested in publishing Thomas Slatin’s photography work? Contact him directly at

Upper Hudson River Railroad, North Hudson New York
Photography by
Thomas W.P. Slatin
with Canon Digital Rebel

Designed and Published by Lisa Pellegrene.

Photography by Thomas W.P. Slatin.

10 thoughts on “Thomas W.P. Slatin Photography

  1. Good post and information about yourself. I haven’t heard about your work before but reading this bio was inspiring. Anyway, great photos here!

  2. Your bio is so inspiring and it has helped me to know you better. The shots are all great and you are doing very good job of it.

  3. Since I came across this site I have come to like all your photos, you’re doing great capturing them. Will contact you if need be soon.

  4. I can see why your work’s gotten such great reception. I’m sure you have a lot to bring forward to photography with your background in different fields and passion for the arts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nature is one of the things I like to photograph, though not exclusively in and of itself. I very much enjoy adventure photography and urban exploration and/or abandoned locations.

  5. Lovely is just and understatement for these pictures. Nature is always the best subject. Color combinations are great and photos were taken with great precision.

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