The following article was written by Lisa Pellegrene, and was originally published on on January 28, 2019.

Landscape, urban exploration, locomotive, animal and nature photographer Thomas Slatin is now featured on iStock by Getty Images.

Thomas W.P. Slatin, known for his urban exploration, nature and locomotive photography is now a contributor for iStock by Getty Images. His work is available on iStock’s website for licensing and utilization by entrepreneurs, designers and all who would like to appreciate and benefit from utilizing his stunning photography work. The photographs available on iStock from Slatin’s collection include images entitled “Winter Fog Over Indian Lake,” “Fiddlehead,” “Only Angels Get a Better View,” “Peacock,” “Tree in a Heavy Fog,” “You Came Back and I Was Gone,” “Golden Leaf on Hosta,” “Raindrops on Hosta,” “Cluster of Ferns,” “From Across the Miles,” “Monarch Butterfly,” “Fog on the Lake,” “Blue and Gold Macaw,” “Shoreline,” and “I Can Go With the Flow,” with more expected to be available throughout the month to iStock to Getty Images subscribers and most anyone who chooses to peruse the website to find beautiful imagery for their use. Thomas Slatin’s iStock page which features his photography may be found at Slatin includes both black and white and color photography in his online portfolios. He photographs images through the use of film and digital photography. His preferred camera for digital photography is the Canon 5D Mark IV. He is highly experienced with film photography, learning at a young age to a certain extent from his father, the late Dr. Harvey L. Slatin to produce beautiful photography in multiple formats through the use of film.

Thomas Slatin’s photograph of the historically known property, The Westholm Hotel was recently featured on the front page of The Daily Star based in Oneonta, New York. The Westholm Hotel is a property that Slatin was passionate about photographing, largely due to his love for urban exploration photography, and also according to Slatin, “this was a beautiful and interesting property that my family and I visited for dinner parties frequently when I was a child.” There is “hope for restoration of this property”, which is located in the Catskill Mountains, according to property owner Victoria Filonenko who stated in a recent interview that “she loves the history of the property and plans to restore as much of it as possible to the original splendor.” In a recent interview Thomas Slatin offered some advice to up and coming photographers who simply may pursue photography because they love it and truly enjoy documenting interesting and beautiful images. Slatin states, “photograph what you love, over time and through experience you will perfect your ability to take stunning photographs. Continuing, “photographing what you love, whether you have the best camera or not at this point, and taking many photos in terms of what interests you, will lead to you perfecting your ability to take truly great photographs over time. Do what you love and the level of expertise will develop over time.”

The award winning blog and photography portfolio of Thomas Slatin is available at He received recognition as DreamHost’s “Dreamiest blog of the year” in 2016. His writing, much similar to his photography, due to the fact that it takes on a journalistic style of its own,” according to his industry peers. Slatin states, “much of the photographs I take are from a perspective to not only document images, but to preserve what I find to be beautiful and interesting.” Slatin is a social media influencer. His social media following grew in part due to his unique style and work over the years to amass nearly a quarter of a million Instagram followers, who simply enjoy keeping up with his photography. Thomas Slatin has a significant following on other platforms such as Twitter, Flickr and, as well.

Thomas Slatin concludes his first interview of the new year by stating that he is “available to property owners, particularly in the state of New York who are in the process of restoring historical properties or locomotives. Slatin states, “photography can assist with assessment of a property and to document the current state of a property for owners who want to preserve as much of the original history as possible.” Slatin is planning a cross country trip this year to photograph much of the beauty of the United States. Keep up with Thomas Slatin’s photography through his website and online portfolios available on iStock by Getty Images, 500px and Flickr. Online social media users may follow him on Instagram at and on Twitter @twps.


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  1. Congrats for featuring on istock. You sure deserves a place there,not with all these creative and professional photos I see here daily.

  2. He is a great photographer and blogger and he deserves to be on istock. Continue to inspire others with your blog and pictures.

  3. You’re are a great inspiration to people like me, I like all your works I see online. Kudos for a job well done. You deserved the feature on istock

  4. Congratulations on being in Istock! I am a big fan of your works and hoping that success come through way. Happy that you are getting recognition!

  5. Congrats on being featured. You have the chops for it. I am not a fan of black photos though but still it all boils down to preference.So you are all good.

  6. Congratulation..having your work featured on istock website is a great milestone…continue to follow your passion..the sky is not your limit but your beginning

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