Thoughts On Blog Writing

Recently I compiled a list of 100 blog Posts at WordPress.com that I found to be above average, or perhaps even influential.  As usual I made many important observations as to what all the selected blog Posts had in common.  They all had many comments, some had in excess of 100 comments, some were photograph only posts, some were photos with writing, most were very long writing only posts.

The one common factor of all the posts was that each one contained insights into the human experience.  Some very personal accounts of life experiences were being shared which were of course first-person autobiographical with an almost voyeuristic tone.  It was then that I realized that there is a gradual trend in blogging towards intimate life experiences such as those which traditionally were only found within the pages of The Sun Magazine.  This type of prose is perhaps the easiest form of writing, but there exists a very fine line between what should be blogged about and what truly needs to remain personal.  I think I might attend a writers conference so long as it is geared towards the genre of non-fiction writing, if nothing more than to be surrounded and encouraged/inspired by others like myself.

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