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Throw Your Soul Through Every Open Door

Throw Your Soul Through Every Open Door

March 2020

10 responses to “Throw Your Soul Through Every Open Door”

  1. What a brilliant post for the wise and brainy being. Thanks for the memory derived from this photograph.

  2. This shows it’s an abandoned house in the trees, the debris was let in through the open doors. Lovely concept

  3. Very dirty room. Am sure this room will be in a forest surrounded by trees. Perfect lightening, and the doors still looks perfect

  4. Though this place is really messy. it still could be repaired. I wonder why places like this get abandoned.

  5. I think this is a spacious storage house. I hope they are still earning with this property.

  6. I really like this inventive caption. I especially find when sleeping at night, it feels like your soul is traveling through time and space. I think this holds true when you die as well. Great pic.

  7. I cannot say I like this picture. It gives me the creeps. But then, I guess that is what it’s supposed to be. That is the magic of a well-made shot. You do not need words to feel. The image itself will already flood you with emotions.

  8. It depends on the door per say!!! If it is just a leap of fate then that is okay. However, if it is something harmful then no way. Integrity is vital not to mention that it is the unknown.

  9. I wont agree with that, I don’t think it would be wise to throw your soul through every open door. Some doors are not meant to be opened let alone go through.

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