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Tom Robbins Quote

“Maintain a pitch next to madness – but never take yourself too seriously.” —Tom Robbins

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  1. I have always learnt never to take anything not just myself too seriously. This life is just there, live it as simple as you can be. Nice quote

  2. For me it’s too hard not to take me seriously, but I guess sometimes I should. I’d like to be more relaxed and expontaneous.

  3. Nothing to die for, life is sweet. Live your life, be you and enjoy while doing it. Nice quote

  4. Quite an interesting quote I must say. I try not to take myself too seriously because it puts one on the edge and makes one age faster.

  5. You could say that I live more in the tone of madness because I am extremely happy, but you are right, sometimes we have to stop because that can cause problems if we do not know how to control ourselves.

  6. Kind of contrasting ideas. I think he means heavily pursue job pitches, but at the end of the day give yourself a break and relax.

  7. Definitely, nothing to be too mad about just do who with time the world will adjust at last.

  8. Getting mad should be for a moment, it shouldn’t make us get lost in it. Crazy things will always come our way but letting go can help.

  9. Take things seriously but do not??? Kind of confusing don’t you think? However, I guess it simply boils down to priorities. Knowing when to be serious and when to laugh it off is a must.

  10. A good quote for overthinkers. Do not take yourself too seriously or you will most likely lose it. but regardless always believe in yourself.

  11. Take life easy. Easy like Sunday morning. The first dtep towards true enlightenment is to lighten up yourself. Be easy dear.

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