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Upon his move to Vermont, master photographer Thomas Slatin wasted no time in scouting out the historic towns and cities of the Green Mountain State. Among them was none other than the state capital of Montpelier. The capital is about a 45 minute drive from Vermont’s largest city of Burlington and about a half hours drive from the ski resort town of Stowe.

While Montpelier isn’t nearly as large as Burlington or as well-known and picturesque as Stowe, Montpelier has plenty of historic charm. For a state capital, it has a small town feel with a relaxed downtown atmosphere.

Here are two photos Tom Slatin took in Montpelier, Vermont, both of which are available for editorial usage at iStockPhoto.

Vermont State Capitol Building, State Street, Montpelier, Vermont
Available on iStockPhoto:

Montpelier, Vermont Fire Engine #2
Available on iStockPhoto:

22 thoughts on “Tom Slatin’s Vermont Photography Adventures: Montpelier, VT

  1. You really had a blast with this town huh? It was indeed an adventure. I am not from here but I appreciate the tour at least it seems like that. If I have to choose that would be the firetruck. Do not get me wrong the capitol is good but not enough for me.

  2. This is a simple way for you to advertise your place to tourists. Creative and fun. Simple and elegant.

  3. Vermont with the whole historical buildings and places, Tom will really love it. Creativity and skills yielding wonders

  4. I like the historical place called the Vermont. The article is well-detailed and written, The photo shows a highly skilled photography

  5. So wonderful Vermont that looks like a decade church. The photo shows the simplicity but awesome to spare short time with friends.

  6. I really like Tom’s photographs because they are very genuine, which means that he does not make any arrangement to make them look perfect but he always takes them reflecting the reality of things.

  7. Montpelier looks like a charming town. I’d visit it for all those places put in wonderful pictures in here.

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