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Toni Morrison Quote


“There is really nothing more to say-except why. But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in how.” —Toni Morrison

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  1. Yes very cool, why simply inquire about a possible situation but how deals with solution profering which is very important…. Nice quote ma’am

  2. Very deep and insightful quote. Instead of asking why its better to ask how, because hen it will help you figure out the way to get the solution.

  3. Its a wise quote from Toni Morison. I agree that how is such a wise question to ask yourself instead of complaining

  4. This is so true…crabbing about situations won’t let it go..looking for how to solve them is the only wise thing to do…some things are beyond our control though.. We just need to sit and watch while praying for a miracle to happen

  5. This is thought provoking. I believe asking how things should be done is better than asking why it should be done when the answer is very obvious.

  6. Funny but true, I guess how has a deeper purpose tan why because it’s meant to help.

  7. Toni Morrison must have been a very interesting person. I will definitely learn more on her.

  8. I agree there comes a point where we should stop asking why and focus on how can we solve it. Simply put it does not matter what can you do but rather what do you want to do.

  9. How of things will definitely be handled better than why if it. Doing it works better all the time.

  10. When we ask ourselves how, the next thing will be to find a way out of the problem we are in. Its a great quote to guide you through life.

  11. This goes to show that we should never stop questioning. But of course we should ask intelligent questions in everything.

  12. There’s a big difference between “how something can be done” versus “why must something be done”. That’s an ongoing dilemma that us humans have within ourselves.

    Focusing on WHY something must be done provides the reason and motivation for it to be done, while focusing on the HOW of doing it provides the action plan that ensures that it gets done.

    So, the question is, which counts for more, in your case? How, or why?

    Food for thought.

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