HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin October 29, 1990

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

TOTALLY EXHAUSTED after visit by sister-in-law, we went to Reno and stayed at the Bally Grand, where they have seven restaurants and the casino has wide aisles.  I won enough on the dollar machine to pay for our gourmet meals.  (A gourmet meal is served with plates under the plates.  What you really pay for is the second dishwasher to handle all the extra plates.)  Anyhow, we had a rest, even though we were confronted on the day of departure with snow on Donner Pass.  But it melted.  Here we are.

WINTER CLOSES IN.  Overnight temperatures are down to the forties, even though the days are in the eighties.  Soon the morning dew on the car will be little droplets of ice, leaves will fall and fill the rain gutters, and I will trudge to the market in my L. L. Bean jacket, with the snow hood up.  I will share the street with strollers and joggers wearing shorts and T-Shirts, sunglasses and sandals.  I am forced to believe, on the institution for the demented, and they are let out every morning for a little exercise.  Otherwise, they seem to be harmless.  Anyhow, living on the frontier ain’t easy, Udo.  You’re lucky to live where the weather is civilized, and Anne can get the street plowed immediately in front of your house.

OLD VALUES GONE.  Had to take my 1973 Toyota sedan to the agency for a smog check, so the registration could be renewed.  Found out that it’s been starting hard because it needed a new starter.  The car is only seventeen years old, and has gone just a little over 500,000 miles, and it’s wearing out.  What has happened to the old values?  Horses were never like this.  Ask any horse.

LUKENBILL SPRINGS ETERNAL: You can bet that one way or another, his bill for back taxes (see enclosed) will be paid by the taxpayers.  He has the city officials by the throat.  We live in the country.  A proposed measure in the upcoming election is to combine the city and county of Sacramento.  That would broaden Lukenbill’s municipal goldfield.  We voted against it, bu absentee ballot.  “Take that, Lukenbill!”

Otherwise nothing eventful to report.  The frontier has been quiet.  Our other votes by absentee ballot were guided by our sensible principle of voting against everything and everyone recommended by The Bee.  That is the principal justification for a free press.  The Constitution has nothing to do with it.

Fred C. (“High Roller”) Dobbs

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