Today I realized that I am indeed a male to female intersex/transgender individual. My gender incongruity has been a lifelong problem for me, and has had an enormous negative impact on my quality of life and on every single facet of my life, including professional and personal relationships.

Being born into the wrong gender has caused me to live a life of depression and anxiety, for which there is only one definitive cure; I need to start living my life as authentically and honestly as possible, and in doing so, accept that one cannot change their personality or gender identity, and thus will need to learn to adapt and grow as a person.

Starting today, I am beginning the process of transitioning from my birth gender of male/intersex to female, socially, legally, medically, and surgically. I am thankful for my wife Amelia, my friends, and my entire family who are all supporting me with my decision. I am trying to make this process as seamless as possible, so please continue to refer to me as my birth name of Thomas (which happens to originally be a name for girls), though female pronouns are preferred.

Transgender Pride Flag

30 thoughts on “Transgender

  1. Got your back, young lady! Know that I’m a safe person for you and you can reach out any time.

    Any misgendering is totally unintentional – known you a long time and old habits are hard to break. Just ask my nephew, Nick Brown

  2. That’s awesome, Thomas. I don’t know if you knew that my daughter is m2f transgender. You’re absolutely welcome to come to our Friday skype group as your authentic self! And feel free to contact me–my daughter has give me permission to talk to others about her journey:-)
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    1. Absolutely incredible! Thank you so very much! I came out to literally everyone I know, now that I’m fully retired and free of any and all commitments. After being there for everyone, I’ve decided at 42 that it’s time that I focus on myself and my own needs for a welcome change. Thanks again for being so supportive!

        1. Thank you, Crysti! This is all I have ever wanted since I was age 6! My DNA test came back as female before I started transitioning. Apparently, I’m intersex and never knew it.

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