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Tube In A Cart

September 2020

23 responses to “Tube In A Cart”

  1. I am really trying to understand this photo. I know other people may have their own view on this, but I still need to ponder. Nice shot anyway.

  2. What a curious topic, it looks like urban art. Though the topic doesn’t makes sense, it makes people to think about it.

  3. I wonder what the story is and why that television is inside a shopping cart. It looks pretty unwieldy. One should be careful transporting it unless he or she wants the television to topple over and crash in the process.

  4. That is a CRT type TV if I am not mistaken. that said I did what the photo depicts ha ha. By that I mean saying goodbye to this for a flat screen one. I guess that is just how tech works. It did serve me for a lot of years though.

  5. It looks like an old TV placed in a grocery cart for disposal. Well, we have flat screens now, with varying sizes at that.

  6. I thought it was very unique to have this idea of photographing this. Even though I don’t get the point of this.

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