Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

Dear Frau and Herr Doktor,

I am watching the Jets with one eye, uploading a file to Comnet with the Osborne with another and typing this letter on the Atari. I can only see with one eye. When the Osborne is through its uploading I will turn it off. Then I will access Comnet from this machine and download a file called BASICBAS.LBR. I then will activate the CP/M emulator, and read BASICBAS.LBR into it, then run NULU extract from the LBR MBASIC, and a number of basic programs and data files.

Now you will ask where I got the emulator. Well it was freeware supplied by ATARI to GEnie and downloaded by me. It means that anything that would run on the Osborne I can now run off the ATARI (well more or less). So far I have run LETTER-6, EAC a high precision arithmetic program which I showed you, Wordstar well this is a more or less case, the program makes a lot of use of Osborne’s strange graphics. If I type Harvey Slatin in I see on the screen Hd?20*3ad?20*3dd!!!r30*!!v and so on, strangely if I then print the file it says Harvey Slatin, but if it said Hervey Slitin, and somehow I knew it, I couldn’t edit it. Well the Osborne is through and the time has come to see how Mbasic runs. I shall return.

Well that was successful. MBASIC works and the odd file I used it for on the Osborne is now available. Next I try Turbo and then I stop to think. There is of course a tremendous amount of CP/M stuff available to down load, the only trouble is to find things you want and now to become a software collector. Maybe thats the new collectible, antique software, first editions.

All this Up and Down loading is harder that work and takes more time. Je suits fatigue.

The God Damned cat has retired to its chaise with the vapors again. I begin to wonder if she hasn’t found a bar and taken up drink. There is a resemblance to the hangovers of a periodic drunk.

The jets have just won another. Did you see that sixth game of the series.

Yours truly,

PS. Turbo running on ATARI

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