27 thoughts on “Two Horses

  1. Wow I love the looks of the horses. The black and white output of the picture made it cool for view.

  2. It been long I visited the wrench, love seeing horses like this. Lovely concept, this horses are still young.

  3. Is it my screen or the horses are looking s dark in there. Well, I like the photo still, since it all about horses

  4. Horses are very strong animals, and from the picture it shows there are two horses but one looks younger than the other. They also look very well taken care of.

  5. The way you focused the camera to create a shadow in the sides, and the black and white effect makes the picture look very beautiful and profecional.

  6. Serious question what is the difference between a HORSE and a PONY? Is that a gender thing or a size thing? Anyway very good shot. I just have to ask that because I do not know,

  7. Lovely horses seems that they are highly trained and a nice click also the black and white contrast of the picture gives it a amazing look.

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