American Writer, Photographer, and Website Designer. Former career Fire and EMS Lieutenant. She/Her/Lesbian.


  • All These Things I Thought About Today

    I recently published an article about my 11th grade English teacher, the crappy wannabe writer.  Most of what I write and publish I feel could have been better, it could have been edited more, revised more, or I could have simply waited just a little while longer before publishing it online, thereby releasing it into…

  • My High School English Teacher, The Lunatic Genius

    It’s fair to say that my writing talents went unnoticed and almost completely unutilized until my senior year of high school. It was my senior year in which for whatever reason, my high school English teacher hand-selected me into the Honors English class along with a small handful of other carefully selected students. My English…

  • Thirty Magazine

    I’ll now be writing for Thirty Mag… If the world stops turning because of this, please let someone know.