Ubergeek Internet Skills
Memes are my new-found specialty.  As my friends on Facebook all know, I have Jedi meme creation skills.  I even tried to start a Pickles meme.  I frequent Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media sites, sharing my photography, my memes, and of course, promoting my blog.

Ubergeek PC Skills
For over a decade, instead of going to the store to buy my own computer setup, I ordered the parts necessary and built my own computer setups!  Building my own desktops allowed me to customize my setup, gain knowledge and insight as to how computers are assembled, and how to repair, replace, and upgrade as necessary.  The best part?  I always had the latest, cutting-edge systems!

Ubergeek Book Skills
I am a voracious reader, and self-diagnosed habitual writer.  Aside from taking notes on my life experiences, which started around the summer of 1993, I am also self-employed as a writer, among other things, but writing is my ultimate speciality.  I spent most of my childhood reading encyclopedias cover-to-cover, before they were eventually taken over digitally.

Ubergeek Science Skills
All through high school, I had a 99% average in Science class, (until my senior year, when my dad told my Science teacher he was full of shit).  Everything Science has to offer, except Math.  Math was something that alluded me forever, much to the dismay and frustration of my late father.

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